Who we are

Our main business is the production, delivery and installation of smoke and fire protection elements with glass with a large surface in aluminum, where we work closely with various manufacturers of systems such as SCHÜCO, WICONA.

We are also specialized in automatic door systems and steering technologies that meet the highest requirements. In addition, we also produce doors and windows made of aluminum according to the individual specifications of our customers. We only produce to order in accordance with existing approvals according to the standards.

Our mission

At Ritek we believe that fire safety is of paramount importance. Our range of modern fire doors and windows proves that security and protection does not mean you have to sacrifice style.

We offer a wide selection of fire doors in our collection of Interior and exterior doors. With different styles and finishes, you will surely find a contemporary door that meets your expectations and fire safety regulations.

Our client base includes architects, companies and private individuals in regional and supraregional areas. We have an in-house planning and development department available to advise our clients on order execution. Technical advice is provided by our engineers and staff, in-house or on-site upon request.

In addition to implementing measurement work related to the facility, our scope of services also includes the preparation of product-specific layout drawings.

Our production department processes only high quality materials, with CNC-controlled production facilities, as well as with careful manual work of our skilled workers.

We have a clear strategic plan to deliver efficiency across the business, so that we can provide better service and a range of products to suit all sectors, applications and project types. Our plan includes significant investment in production and process.

The thermally separated fire protection construction with a construction depth of 90 mm impresses with its unique elegance: the narrowest profile views create the greatest possible transparency, the integrated shutters and concealed door hinges impress with the design their minimalist. Various design options also enable the use of glass or panel fillings.

Fire doors can offer peace of mind. However, proper use of your existing doors can be all you need to do in the event of a fire. In a residential setting, the simple act of closing a room door will slow down or prevent heat and smoke from entering the room. and injure occupants or destroy additional property inside. If fire breaks out inside the building, a closed door may help slow the spread of fire to other parts of the building.

Importance of fire doors

1. Why are fire doors so important?
Fire doors are important because they keep the fire or smoke in the room or ‘partition’ in which it started. They stop it from spreading to other areas of the building. Fire doors are an integral part of the passive fire protection system of any building.

2. What do fire doors do?
Fire doors save lives and prevent further damage to the building and its contents:
They contain the fire in the room in which it started
Fire doors keep escape routes, such as corridors, clean from fire, giving building occupants more time to escape and better access to the fire service.
They protect the rest of the building, its contents and other nearby buildings from further damage.

3. How do fire doors work?
Fire doors prevent the fire from spreading for a certain amount of time. They are made of fire resistant materials for either 30 minutes or 60 minutes, depending on the degree of the fire door. Fire doors are fitted with booster strips in a groove at each end of the door frame or fire door. When a fire breaks out, the heat causes the rising strips to expand to fill the gap between the fire door and the frame. This seals the room and stops the spread of fire for a certain amount of time. A fire door will only work if it closes when a fire breaks out, so you should always make sure your fire door is equipped with an automatic closing door and a sign identifying the door as a fire door.

4. How are fire doors made?

Fire doors are usually thicker than a standard door and most have a strong core of variable material. The construction of fire doors varies depending on the production. But, the critical part is that it is tested and certified to withstand fire for at least 30 minutes. Manufacturers must test the design of their fire doors and frames together as a set at an approved fire door testing center. Then they should be considered for certification. When certification is approved, each fire door set constructed according to the same design specifications by that manufacturer will be affixed with a label. The label identifies the manufacturer, date of manufacture and fire rating. This label can usually be found on the top edge of the door.

5. How long do fire doors last?
Fire doors and their frames are usually tested to hold fire for 30 minutes (FD30) or 60 minutes (FD60). Their ability to withstand fire depends on their proper installation with proper seals and fire rated equipment, including fire door closers. The condition of a fire door, especially a door that is in regular use can deteriorate over time. Check your fire doors regularly and make sure any fire door maintenance is done immediately. Fire door inspections can help identify fire doors that are inconsistent. Fire doors
can have a rating greater than 60 minutes, but these are not required in most situations.

6. Are fire doors important?
Fire doors play an important role in reducing this risk in many buildings. These types of buildings must have a fire risk assessment. Fire risk assessments are an in-depth review of the premises. They will highlight any fire hazards with recommendations to reduce or eliminate these hazards, including where fire doors should be used and what the assessment should be.